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Cocobolo Bass Bells

$2599 USD

Cocobolo Bass Bells
Cocobolo Bass Bells Cocobolo Bass Bells

$2599 USD

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We Finally Hit Rock Bottom

The Backun Bass Clarinet Bell is crafted from a single piece of Cocobolo and is designed to enhance the timbre of the Bass Clarinet (also known as "The King of Instruments," according to Morrie Backun). Traditionally, the existing metal bell has a bright sound that is refined with this plus-size addition, while bolstering the instrument’s overtones and projection. Available for most Bass Clarinets, we modify your existing bass bell and U-Joint to support this larger-than-life Cocobolo creation.

Limited quantities available. Purchasing the Cocobolo Bass Bell requires the modification of your existing metal bell and u-joint. Typically, the lead time for this conversion is two-to-three weeks from the date of purchase. This must be schedules well in advance of the purchase date. The custom is also responsible for all shipping fees to and from Backun Musical Services to complete the modification process. 


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