Michael Lowenstern Joins as Backun Artist

Michael Lowenstern Joins as Backun Artist

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Boundary-Pushing Bass Clarinetist Joins Backun

Like Backun, Michael Lowenstern is an iconoclast with a unique voice in the music world. He continues to redefine the bass clarinet, repositioning it from a harmony instrument to one that takes centre stage. 

His musical, professional, and personal achievements are unparalleled. Groundbreaking bass clarinetist, NYC advertising legend, retail entrepreneur — even a licensed pilot. It seems there isn’t much he hasn’t done.

During the development of our new Backun Bass Clarinet lineup, Michael lent us his ears and eyes, hopping on a plane to fly from New York to Vancouver, Los Angeles and even San Antonio to give us great advice and feedback, helping us to improve our Q Series and Alpha Bass Clarinet lineup. The clarinet community is better because of Michael's contributions to the instrument and art form, and we're thrilled to welcome him to the Backun family as an artist and advisor.

About Michael Lowenstern

Michael Lowenstern is widely recognized as one of the most innovative bass clarinetists in the world, and has performed, recorded, and toured as a soloist and with ensembles of every variety.

Career highlights include long tenures with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center and John Zorn, touring with ensembles as diverse as the Steve Reich Ensemble, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and the Klezmatics, and a stint with the New Jersey Symphony as its bass clarinetist. To date, he can be heard on over sixty recordings, three of which have won Grammy awards. Michael has also released eight solo albums…none of which won Grammy awards. 

Michael launched earspasm.com in 1997, initially as a website to sell his first CD, “Spasm.” Over the past 25 years, Earspasm has expanded into the most comprehensive clarinet and bass clarinet online shop in the world, serving single-reed players from across the globe. 

Michael is currently in his 14th year creating content for his YouTube channel, to the delight (and consternation) of millions of viewers across the globe. Lowenstern is a Backun Artist, having contributed to the design of their new bass clarinet, and plays Vandoren mouthpieces, ligatures and reeds. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and partner Katherine Cooke, and dog Piper. 

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About Backun

Founded by Morrie Backun, Backun Musical Services designs and manufactures sought-after clarinets and woodwind accessories. It has revolutionized the clarinet world with its barrels, bells, and mouthpieces. Utilizing the most advanced machining and measuring technologies in the industry, Backun Clarinets are renowned for their intonation, fluidity, and craftspersonship. Backun Musical Services is a partner of the Eastman Music Company.

Photo Credit: Bill Wadman