Légère European Cut Bb Clarinet Reed
Légère European Cut Bb Clarinet Reed 2

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Légère European Cut Bb Clarinet Reeds

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The European Cut (also known as the Euro Signature) for Clarinet is Légère's most flexible reed. The unique profile design allows for a bright, colourful yet warm and clean sound. It responds without hesitation and easily glides from the low registers to the high registers of the instrument. 

Its ease of playing is the reason why this reed is used by so many Légère Endorsing Artists. This reed is preferred by advanced and professional clarinetists worldwide.

The Vocalise series of mouthpieces by Hawkins and Backun were optimized to work exceptionally well with synthetic reeds, such as the European Cut. 

Packaging varies from time-to-time, depending on what is available from Légère. There is no way to guarantee that reeds will ship with new packaging, as shown in the image provided. 

Note: For health and safety reasons, reeds purchased on our website are final sale. For after-purchase support or exchange, please contact Légère Reeds Ltd. directly. No exceptions.

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Matt P.
United States United States

Legere European Cut Clarinet Reeds

These reeds play wonderfully and sound great. They do not sound inferior to traditional reeds. As a bonus, you can just put the reed on your clarinet and play--no more soaking and *******. I don't understand why so many of my peers are reluctant to try them. When you play a new reed it will be extra stiff for a few hours then soften to become the stiffness it will remain for months, so give these reeds a good try before deciding what number is right for you. I play mostly jazz, use an open tip Vandoren 5JB mouthpiece, and use a 3.0 strength reed. But I do not find these reeds to only be good for jazz. Again, they have a wonderful rich tone.

William L.
United States United States

Legere reeds

Great response, sound & articulation. The future has finally arrived!

William L.
United States United States

Legere reeds

Legere reeds are a clarinetists dream come true! Beauty of sound & response is truely a breakthrough I Legere reeds are nothing short of a dream come true!

Jeffrey B.
United States United States

Legere 3.0 European cut

These are the finest reeds I have found after decades of looking. I spent years sanding and clipping cane reeds, finding maybe 2 out of 20 that were really good, only to watch them fail too quickly. But the Legere, particularly the European cut 3.0, is nearly perfect with every reed. The response and liveliness is a joy. The sound projects nicely and is consistent. AND I don’t have to worry about them drying out if I put my horn down for a moment. I am sure there is a school of thought that insists that a synthetic Legere can never match up to the best cane reed. But all I am experiencing is joy at leaving the the frustration of cane reeds behind me.

Bryce W.
United States United States

These reeds work pretty well.

They take time to break in, but work well with my mouthpiece.

Nancy F.
United States United States

Love Legere Reeds

Put it this way…I no longer have to make sacrifices to the Reed Goddess. She is getting lonely because these reeds just work every time.