Vocalise Bb Mouthpieces

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  • Complex simplicity by Hawkins and Backun

    “It has long been my goal to create a clarinet mouthpiece that satisfies the nuances of change while preserving the history of the craft.” – Richard Hawkins

    Outstanding artist. Renowned educator. Master craftsman. Words and praise that are often bestowed upon Richard Hawkins. After decades of collecting, observing and crafting mouthpieces for many of the world’s finest artists, Hawkins collaborated with Backun Musical Services to develop a series of mouthpieces with tonal ring and clarity that will change the course of mouthpiece history.

    Designed for all ages and experience levels, the Vocalise Series of B♭ mouthpieces features a model for every player and occasion, all of which belong in your clarinet case. Complex resonance at a reasonable price.

Note: All New Mouthpieces from Backun are cleaned, disinfected and sterilized for your health and safety. 

Washing Instructions: We recommend you wash your mouthpieces with warm water and mild dishwashing soap and then air dry it on a clean cloth. In classroom and group situations, we recommend the use of the Red Sterisol cleaner for its proven capability to clean, deodorize and sanitize mouthpieces. 

Please do not immerse your mouthpieces in, or clean your mouthpieces with, isopropyl, or other members of the hydroxyl group of products. 

Vocalise Models





The R allows artists to articulate with reduced effort, while ringing true with fabulous clarity.




The G has a smoother influence on interval connections just when you need it.




The H is both smooth and dark, with ample cushion for those who want more flexibility.



Extremely Open/Long

Designed for artists who prefer a larger facing, while offering significant volume and projection.


Richard Hawkins on the New Vocalise Z

One gets excited about the development of something new and unusually rare in the history of clarinet mouthpieces. Together with the team at Backun, we developed the Vocalise Z model to give players not only polished flexibility, but volume and pop to the core sound. It is louder, bigger and has the dexterity to shine in any type of music. It is a mouthpiece like no other in its ability, out-of-the-box, to be louder in tone without the typical harshness, yet it does not require more embouchure pressure to perform. Addicting to play and hard to put down, this model has exceeded my expectations. 

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Tony M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Backun Vocalise + Legere reeds--best combination anywhere!

After trying and owning several mouthpieces, the Vocalise G mouthpiece together with Legere synthetic reeds played so beautifully from the lowest to the highest notes. Bravo Backun!

Backun Musical Services Vocalise Bb Mouthpieces Review
Ralph G.
Germany Germany
I recommend this product
Couldn't Be More Pleased!

I've been playing on the Vocalise G for about a month now and could't be more pleased, practicing at home or in a rehearsal. I ordered 3 in order to have a selection, and ended up keeping all of them! For the Oehler clarinet I use a Legere euro 3.50 , for the french system the 3.75 is best. Much easier to play than the Vandoren BD5 I've been using. Among other things, playing in the altissimo range is a lot easier, and articulation is very clean sounding.

Sitthinon S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great mouthpiece

Nice strong tone and very quick response.

Dmitri K.
United States United States
Vocalise R is a great match with Legere European cut

I was looking for a mouthpiece that would be easy to play with Legere European Cut (Bb clarinet). Very easy to play even in altissimo register. Legere European 3.5 seems to be a good match for me with Vocalise R (closed/short facing).

Mitch .
United States United States
Mitch F.

I have been playing on the same clarinet and mouthpiece since 1968 when I got my Buffet R13 and Kaspar 13 mouthpiece from my teacher the late Robert Marcellus. Both have served me well during my professional orchestral career and afterward. Two years ago I had Kessler refurbish my clarinet and I decided to try something new for a mouthpiece. I bought a D'Addario Reserve Evolution. It was more free blowing than my Kaspar and had a nice center tone but at the same time I could not get the volume or control I wanted to go from pp to ff. I went back to my Kaspar. As clarinetist we all are looking for something to achieve better sound, clarity, articulation...everything in a mouthpiece. I read about the Backun Vocalise CG synthetic crystal mouthpiece. I listed to Giufreddi recordings and watched his videos and he definitely has something and he was playing a Backun mouthpiece. I only use Legere reeds now, I don't really want to bother fixing reeds and I am getting good results. I purchase Vocalise CG and immediately noticed a marked difference. I got a more free blowing mouthpiece that anything I ever owned and better tone quality, sound generation, control, intonation, articulation and so on. Much better over my coveted Kaspar. I love it. I can honestly say that Marcellus would have loved this mouthpiece as well. I also play on a Selmer Paris model 33 bass clarinet. I'm currently using a Vandoren BD5 but now I am going to order a Vocalise CG for the bass clarinet. This is an exciting time for clarinetists because of the technological innovations Backun is engineering. It is also very creative.

Jennifer K.
United States United States
Vocalise G Mouthpiece

How sweet it is!!!! This mouthpiece sounds so beautiful, it improved my intonation and my articulation sounds clean and crisp. The notes come out so easily now. I could not be happier. Thank you Backun!

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