Zhou Gaoji

Zhou Gaoji

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Zhou Gaoji is the former Chair of Art Committee of Longju Opera Theatre of Gansu Province, a Class-II Instrumentalist and Deputy President of Gansu Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles. Taking charge of Gansu clarinet education, Zhou is engaged as a part-time tutor for graduate students at School of Music, Northwest Minzu University, and an external senior examiner of China Conservatory of Music. Zhou also served as the deputy president of China Beijing International Clarinet and Saxophone Arts Festival and held the 2015 Lanzhou Youth Clarinet Festival. In 2014, Zhou won two gold medals and one silver medal in China International Beijing Arts Festival; in 2016, Zhou won three gold medals and sixteen silver medals in the Clarinet Arts Festival (Daejeon, South Korea) cohosted by China, Japan, and South Korea. Zhou has guided students to get admitted by top Chinese music academies and inspired some outstanding performers to pursuit higher education in European and American institutions. 

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Lumière Barrels

Lumière Bells

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