Liu Jia

Liu Jia

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Liu Jia is an Associate Professor and the graduate student supervisor at the Academy of Music, Shanxi University, deputy secretary general at the Shanxi Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles, composer and researcher at the Shanxi Art Creation Research Center, Principal Clarinetist of the Philharmonic (Academy of Music, Shanxi University), bass clarinetist of the CL•H ensemble, and the art director of the Jing Hou Jia Yin clarinet ensemble.

In 2011, Liu Jia founded the Jing Hou Jia Yin clarinet ensemble, which later won the third prize at the Hong Kong International Clarinet Competition and the third prize at ICMA Shanghai International Clarinet Competition.

In 2013, Liu assisted in the establishment of the CL•H ensemble and hosted two ensemble concert series: Romantic Speaker and Shang Lu Xin Sheng. Liu took charge of the national arts funds and scholarship projects in 2018, when Liu also started touring domestically and held a couple dozen personal concerts. Liu has published the clarinet textbook "Clarinet Scales."

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