Luo Jin

Luo Jin

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Backun artist Luo Jin is the Principal Clarinetist of Jilin Province Symphony Orchestra, standing council member of Musician Association of Jilin Province Symphonic Bands and Ensembles. At the same time, Luo serves as the art director of the following organizations: Jilin University High Level Art Ensemble (Woodwind part), Jilin University National Defense Students Orchestra (Clarinet part) and Changchun Sixth Middle School clarinet department. 

Started the clarinet learning from five, Luo has been apprentice of Chen Changxin (former principal clarinetist of the Orchestra of Changchun Film Studio) and Liu Xueping (principal clarinetist of the Orchestra of Changchun Film Studio). Luo also studied with Jin Guangri at Minzu University of China from 2002 and was enrolled into the Department of Music of Yanbian University, during when Luo was appointed as clarinet lecturer. Then, Luo has started to perform as the Principal Clarinetist of Jilin Province Symphony Orchestra since 2009 and acknowledges Ying Bo (Principal Clarinetist of China National Symphony Orchestra) as master in 2011. Highlights in Luo’s career includes: Second prize in Jilin Province Department of Cultural Professional Skills Competition (2013); Appointed Soloist at Algeria International Arts Festival (2015); Soloist at the opening concert of Wind Instrument Expo (2017, East-northern China); Soloist at Russian Krasnoyarsk International Arts Festival and performed Hope (Composed by Fang Dongqing) (2018); Soloist at Jilin New Year Concert and Wind Instrument Performer Concert series (2018); Soloist at International Clarinet Week held by Harbin Conservatory of Music. Luo has toured across China and foreign countries including USA, Russia, Singapore, Algeria and North Korea.

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