Tomomi Tajiri

Tomomi Tajiri

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Tomomi Tajiri began her musical studies in piano at age of 4 and continued with the clarinet at age of 12. After graduating from the Osaka Junior College of Music, she transferred to - and graduated from - Osaka College of Music where she studied clarinet with Ms. Miyuki Taketsuji and Ms. Hiroko Ueda. Tajiri received honorable mention at the 32nd Settsu Music Festival Little Camelia Concours. She performs concerts throughout Japan, while devoting many hours to her passion of music therapy for seniors in Japan’s Kansai region. Tajiri is a member of Osakan Philharmonic Winds, one of Japan’s finest wind symphony orchestras.

Tomomi Tajiri is a Backun Artist and performs on MoBa Cocobolo Gold Clarinets with CG Crystal Mouthpieces.

Performs On

MoBa Bb Clarinet

MoBa A Clarinet

Vocalise CG Mouthpieces