MoBa Bb Clarinet
MoBa Bb Clarinet
MoBa Bb Clarinet
MoBa Bb Clarinet
MoBa Bb Clarinet
MoBa Bb Clarinet
MoBa Bb Clarinet
MoBa Bb Clarinet
MoBa Bb Clarinet
MoBa Bb Clarinet
MoBa Bb Clarinet
MoBa Bb Clarinet

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MoBa Bb Clarinet

Sale price$8,649 USD
Exotic Hardwood:Grenadilla
Key Finish:Silver

Never Ever Sacrifice

The MoBa was born from a desire to improve everything and sacrifice nothing. When it was released, it set its own path. Unrelenting artists took note and lead the way. Soon the whole clarinet world was turned on its head, and the MoBa became a modern classic that’s been referred to as the “Stradivarius of the clarinet world.”

Today’s MoBa blends modern CNC technology with tried and true hands-on craftspersonship, with each one built at Backun in Vancouver, Canada. Its increased resistance and dark tonal colour make it the perfect match for today’s soloists, orchestral players, and those who give their all to their craft.

Custom Built to Order

Backun Custom Clarinets are custom built to order by our small, dedicated team in Canada. For availability, and to discuss your musical needs, please contact us to schedule a free 15 minute sales consultation by phone or Zoom today.


  • Available in Bb or A

Approx. Weight

  • 866g


  • Premium, unstained exotic hardwood body (in grenadilla or cocobolo)
  • Custom made key work with triple-strike plating (in silver or gold)
  • MoBa complex taper bore
  • MoBa sculpted undercut and overcut tone holes
  • Modular posting system
  • Carbon fibre tenons and middle joint ring
  • Solid Silver Thumb and Register Tubes


  • Removable left-hand Eb lever
  • Automatic Low F Vent mechanism
  • Inline trill keys with hardened, blue steel coil springs
  • Advanced adjustment screws
  • Adjustable thumb rest with neck strap ring


    • Custom black leather
    • Custom register pad with voicing pin


    • MoBa 66mm and 65mm Barrels
    • MoBa Bell
    • Custom BAM Trekking Single Clarinet Case (or Custom Marcus Bonna Case)
    • Polishing cloth
    • Silk swab
    • Cork grease
    • Backun Warranty
    • Mouthpiece not included

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