Jong-Chul Hyun

Jong-Chul Hyun

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Jong-Chul Hyun began playing clarinet when he was 10 years old.

Before graduating from Osaka College of Music as the top of his class and he performed in many new artist’s concerts. After that he went to France, and studied at the Conservatoire de Paul Dukas. 

He has studied under Mr. Koichi Honda and Mr. Michel Arrignon.

After returning from France, he first played with The College Opera House Orchestra, and is now clarinet player with the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, which was awarded Japan’s most prestigious "Suntory Music Award" last year.

Also, he has been invited as guest top player with many orchestras in the Kansai region of Japan.

His many solo activities have included concertos with many Orchestras to date.

In the field of contemporary music he has performed the premiere of numerous famous Japanese compositions for not only Japan, but the world as well.

In chamber music, he leads the wind Quintet  "Ya-Hyang" and the clarinet ensemble "ONZE" with eleven clarinet players representing the Kansai region of Japan, produced globally unique concerts regardless of genre such as classical, jazz and tango, and received favorable reviews.

In addition, he serves as a judge for brass band contests, ensemble contests, marching contests, all-Japan solo contests and so on.

He is also a teacher at Osaka College of Music and for the Kyoto City Firefighter Band.

Performs On

MoBa Bb Clarinet

MoBa A Clarinet

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