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Francois Houle

International Clarinet Soloist


"Mr. Houle is one of the best-sounding clarinetists in improvised music" - Ben Ratliff, NY Times

"Whether elegantly leaping through Witold Lutoslawski’s Dance Preludes or astonishingly improvising on Iranian folk music, François Houle revealed himself as someone ready for the world stage in every sense." - Mark Swed, LA Times

"His relationship with the clarinet is one of utter love, mixed with absolute command and never-ending research." - Sara Vila, All About Jazz
"A spectacularly versatile clarinetist who appears to have no limitations stylistically or sonically." - Mark Swed, LA Times
"First rate performance..." - Ben Ratliff, New York Times
" of the best new virtuosos, a musician with total control of contemporary techniques." - Paul de Barros, Downbeat Magazine
"François Houle brilliantly illustrates the care, craft, and attention to detail that are crucial to successfully negotiating contemporary improvised music." - Art Lange, Fanfare Magazine
"...he’s such a seasoned, springy improviser on clarinet or soprano. As a composer, he’s got his own rich synthesis. Angular melodies may recall Braxton or Lacy..." - Kevin Whitehead, Downbeat Magazine

Instruments Used

artist.quote: Thank you so much for all the work you have done on my clarinets. Your work is truly revolutionary! My instruments are now giving me such pleasure, sounding-wise and visually. Comments from my colleagues are overwhelming in their praise on the sound quality and the beauty of your barrels and bells. I have never gotten so much attention before about my instruments. In my view you are bringing the instrument's aesthetic on par with the finest string instruments.

Francois Houle

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