Iván Villar Sanz

Iván Villar Sanz

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A student of Corrado Giuffredi, Iván Villar Sanz is a versatile clarinet player. He started his musical studies at the age of eight with Mr. Manuel Mefre at the Professional Conservatory “Andrés Segovia” of Linares, Spain, and he obtained his bachelor of music degree in interpretation–clarinet in 2015 at the Superior Conservatory “Manuel Castillo” of Seville, under the guide of Mr. Javier Trigos. He has served as a clarinet player in the Orchestra dell’Opera Italiana of Parma (Italy) since October, 2015.

He has also studied with important clarinettists including José Franch-Ballester, Andreas Sundén, Fabrizio Meloni, César Martín, Daniel Gilbert, Antonio Salguero, Justo Sanz, Nicholas Cox, Julian Farell, and Carlos Gil.

Iván has performed in Italian locations including Theatre Luciano Pavarotti (Modena), Theatre Pergolesi (Jesi), Theatre Regio (Parma), Theatre Girolamo Magnani (Fidenza), and Theatre Municipal (Piacenza), and in France at Atelier of Man d’Or of Paris, in Switzerland at LAC Theatre and Auditorium “Stelio Molo” of RSI (Lugano), in Tunisia at the Amphitheatre of El Jem, and in Spain at Palau de la Música (Valencia), Theatre Cervantes and Casa-Museo “Andrés Segovia” (Linares), Gran Teatro (Manzanares), Hospital de Santiago (Úbeda), Theatre Coliseo (Villacarrillo), Auditorium Edgar Neville (Málaga), and Theatre Infanta Leonor and Theatre Darymelia (Jaén).

Iván regularly collaborates with orchestras such as Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana (Switzerland), Orchestra Cantiere of Art of Reggio Emilia, Philharmonic Orchestra of Terre Verdiane (Italy), and with youth orchestras including Symphony Orchestras of Superior Conservatories of Jaén and Seville, Youth Orchestra of Málaga, and Youth Orchestra of Andalusia.

Currently, he is a clarinet (B and E) player in the ONCI (National Orchestra of the Italian Conservatories) and in the Italian Clarinet Consort Ensemble. He has accompanied renowned opera artists such as Leo Nucci, Carlos Almaguer, Anna Pirozzi e Dimitra Theodossiou and he has been under the baton of some conductors as Vladimir Ashkenazi, John Axelrod, Pablo González, Matteo Pagliari, Dennis Russell Davies, Aldo Sisillo, Valerio Galli, Ángel Luis Pérez Garrido, Sebastiano Rolli, Jordi Mora, Valeriano Chiaravalle, Abel Moreno, Enrique Blasco and others.

Iván has taught at The Musical Academy of Linares, and has delivered masterclasses and specialist courses such as the III Course “Ciudad del agua” of Marmolejo, “Talleres de Clarinete Ciudad de Bailén,” and “Encuentro de Clarinete 2017” at the C.P.M. “Andrés Segovia” of Linares, in Spain.

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