Ying Bo

Ying Bo

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Ying Bo is the vice president of the China National Symphony Orchestra, a director of the Chinese Musicians' Association, and an expert who receives special government allowances from the State Council. Ying serves in the China National Symphony Orchestra as their Principal Clarinetist and is a national Class-I Instrumentalist. Ying has been playing the clarinet from an early age. He studied with Professor Wang Yu at the Xi'an Conservatory of Music, Professor Tao Chunxiao at the Central Conservatory of Music, and Ricardo Morales, the Principal Clarinetist of Philadelphia Orchestra. Ying played with the China National Symphony Orchestra on their performance tour to over 20 countries. Being appointed as a visiting professor in many art academies, Ying was also invited as a judge for the China Golden Bell Award (clarinet competition) and many other national and international mainstream professional competitions.

Performs On

MoBa Bb Clarinet

MoBa A Clarinet

MoBa Bells