Eunkyung Kim

Eunkyung Kim

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Why I Chose Backun

"I really enjoy playing Backun clarinets. It is very easy to control and it sounds nice and warm. Lovely! I feel flexible and relaxed while I play it. It gives me inspiration."


Eunkyung Kim earned her bachelo'sr degrees from the Seoul National University College of Music, Toho Orchestra Academy Japan, Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin, and Hochschule für Musik Freiburg 

As an orchestral player, she won the position of second and Eb-clarinet for the Duisburg Symphony Orchestra for their 2008-09 season. Eunkyung also played in the JDPH, Das Symphony Orchestra Berlin, Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra, and Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra in Germany. Currently, she plays numerous orchestras in Korea. She is a winner of the Ewha-Kyunghyang competition and the Berlin Eisler Preis, and she was selected as the Kumho Young Artist and Denzlinger Kulturkreis Junge Künstler. She also has performed many solo recitals and plays with numerous orchestras as a soloist. She also enjoys chamber music appearances. She is a member of the Seoul Clarinet Ensemble and Clarinet Quartet Players, and she actively participates in many music festivals, such as the Concerti bei docent, ICM Festival, Pan Music Festival, PyeongChang international Music Festival, and Tongyong international Music Festival. Eunkyung was an invited lecturer at Cornell University. Currently, she is appointed as an adjunct faculty at  Suwon University and Kookmin University. 

Performs On

MoBa Bb Clarinet

MoBa A Clarinet