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AK Clarinet Ligature

$179 USD

AK Clarinet Ligature
AK Clarinet Ligature AK Clarinet Ligature AK Clarinet Ligature

$179 USD

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The new AK Clarinet Ligature will re-define your clarinet performance. Engineered by a Mechanical Engineer & Woodwind Player to meet the demanding needs of musicians. With well over 2 years of R&D and a solid year of testing with some of the world’s most renowned professional musicians, the AK Ligature offers performance characteristics and user functionality that players might not have even realized they were missing!

Made in Las Vegas, Nevada with precision CNC machined parts (on a CNC that is owned by AK Ligatures to guarantee quality control). Completely hand assembled in Las Vegas using a “Stress-Free” assembly method to maximize performance.

Why Rhodium?

Rhodium is one of the rarest precious metals in the world, even more so than gold. A member of the Platinum metal family, Rhodium is a beautiful and durable metal that gives a very clean look that is similar to silver in color, but will not tarnish or oxidize, making it a perfect metal for a ligature! On the AK Ligature, Rhodium is being used in lieu of silver plating specifically to counteract tarnishing that is only amplified by the hard rubber used in most mouthpieces.


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