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Studio Fatboy Barrels

$115 USD

Studio Fatboy Barrels
Studio Fatboy Barrels Studio Fatboy Barrels

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$115 USD

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Our Second Best is Better Than All The Rest

We manufacture a lot of barrels over the course of a year. Sometimes we find pieces with minor cosmetic flaws during the production process. Rather than discard these pieces, Backun Musical Services developed the Studio line of products. Studio Fatboy Barrels are acoustically perfect, yet may have minor imperfections, such as a knot in the wood, or an uneven surface finish. Sold at a discounted price, these pieces are the next step in your growth as a performer.

Backun Studio Fatboy Barrels are available in limited lengths and quantities. Custom orders and special requests for Studio pieces are not possible.

Not sure what Backun Barrel works best with your Clarinet? View our Suggested Fit Chart. 



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