Qi Panpan

Qi Panpan

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Qi Panpan is a member of the Police Literature and Arts Association of China, Police Wind Music Society of China, Clarinet Society of China, Jiangsu Wind Music Society, and Jiangsu Clarinet Ensemble. Qi has studied with famous clarinetist Professor Wang Zhengxian (Nanjing University of the Arts). Currently, Qi is the Principal Clarinetist of the Nanjing Police Jindun Art Ensemble, Jiangsu Zijin Symphony Orchestra, and the Associate Principal Clarinetist of the Nanjing Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition, Qi instructs the orchestra at the Jiangsu Police Institute and Nanjing Institute of Visual Arts.

Qi has participated in various competitions and won prizes. In 2015, Qi got the gold prize as a performer and the outstanding instructor prize in the Korea China Wind Music Competition. In 2016, Qi won the silver prizes in both solo and duo sections at the Singapore International Chinese Music Competition. In the same year, Qi was awarded the outstanding instructor in the Asia Wind Music League in Korea. In 2019, Qi accompanied the Jindun Art Ensemble performing in the police cooperation events in Tajikistan.

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Lumière Bb Clarinet

Lumière A Clarinet

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