Chen Chaohong

Chen Chaohong

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Chen Chaohong began his clarinet journey from an early age and has graduated from the Xinghai Conservatory of Music Department of Orchestral Instruments. In 2013, Chen was admitted into the Xinghai Conservatory of Music with an outstanding performance in the Guangdong Province Music examination (first place in the professional test, and third place in total score). During this time, Chen studied with academic director Wang Lihui, who is also a member of the Guangdong Musician Association, a council member, and deputy secretary general of the Guangdong Clarinet Association, as well as Professor Luo Qi from Macau Concervatory, and Qian Ying, president of the Zhuhai Clarinet Association. In addition, Chen has participated in various masterclasses hosted by Belgian artist Ronald van Spaendonck, Patrick Messina, the Principal Clarinetist of the Orchestre National de Franceto, Fan Lei, and Yuan Yuan of the Central Conservatory of Music, and many others, and he received great comments.

Chen performed as the Principal Clarinetist in his primary school through high school orchestras. Chen took the same responsibility in the Xinghai Conservatory of Music for their symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, and wind band. Chen accompanied the groups to perform and win prizes in the South China Solo & Ensemble Invitation Competition for Woodwinds Brass and Percussion and the Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music. The groups have also toured places such as Vienna, Shunde, and Shenzhen. Chen has also been guiding several middle and primary school wind bands to achieve great performances in competitions.

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