Bo Yaodong

Bo Yaodong

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Having began the clarinet at a young age, Bo Yaodong studied with Bao Weihuan, Director of the Department of Orchestral Instruments at Xinjiang Arts University. Bo attended masterclasses hosted by Gao Yuan (Principal Clarinetist of Boston Symphony Orchestra) and Belgian clarinetist Ronald van Spaendonck where he gained great comments from those experts. In 2013, Bo was admitted to the Xinghai Conservatory of Music and studied clarinet with Wang Lihui, the lecturer at the Department of Orchestral Instruments, Academic Leader of Clarinet and Saxophone, as well as the Deputy Secretary General of the Guangdong Province Institute of Music. During his studies in college, Bo held positions as the Principal Soprano Clarinetist in the college symphony orchestra and wind orchestra, and he received high praise from Liu Ming, the conductor of the Xinghai Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra and Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra.

Bo has participated in many events and won various awards. In May 2014, Bo accompanied the Xinghai Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra and won gold prize in the Chinese Horn: 2014 Shanghai Spring International Music Festival. In August 2014, Bo was invited to perform at the closing ceremony of the 9th China Golden Bell Award Orchestra Instrument Competition in Qingdao. The show was a great success and received high comments. On July 15th, 2016, representing his college, Bo performed as the Principal Clarinetist in the symphony chorus' Yellow River Cantata at Chaozhou “The Honor of Defenders: The 95th Anniversary of The Founding of the Party Arts Festival." In April 2017, CCTV invited Bo to participate in the recording of documentary Story of Time: China and Kazakhstan. In August 2018, Bo went to Xi’an and performed in the commemorative concert for the 60th anniversary for Wang Yu’s Teaching Career. In July 2019, Bo led the Ke La Elf Clarinet Band and won the first prize at the Buffet Crampon Clarinet Competition (Philharmonic Orchestra division).

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