Wu Dan

Wu Dan

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Wu Dan is the Associate Principal Clarinetist of the China National Symphony Orchestra and a national Class-I Instrumentalist. Wu obtained a master’s degree from the Central Conservatory of Music and has studied with Professor Tao Chunxiao. Wu has won several domestic prizes including the third prize at the Beijing International Clarinet Music Festival (Youth division) and the second prize at the National Clarinet Competition (Youth division). In 2005, Wu was the only Chinese performer who entered the final round of 21st Century International Ethnic Chinese Clarinet Concerto Competition. Among the five competitors, Wu was also the youngest artist, and successfully performed Clarinet Concerto No. 2 (Wenzel Fuchs) with the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra. In 2003, Wu received a full scholarship from the Yamaha International Music Scholarship and was the first student from the Central Conservatory of Music to won this award.

Wu ranked first place in the Chamber Music Competition held by the Central Conservatory of Music and won the Chinese composition prize. While Wu was in university, he participated in demonstration videos for the grading test. In 2006, representing the China National Symphony Orchestra, Wu won the first prize in the Chamber Music Competition (Quintet division) held by the Central Conservatory of Music. In recent years, Wu took part in music recordings for numerous movies and TV dramas. Wu also joined the music recording of the opening ceremony and closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic Winter Games.

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