Takanori Suzuki

Takanori Suzuki

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After graduating from Osaka College of Music as a Clarinet Major, Takanori Suzuki started his career as a classical musician following in the footsteps of a family member who is a successful jazz musician in Japan. Currently, Suzuki collaborates with musicians of various genres in both live and recorded performance, joining many recording sessions in the Osaka jazz scene, as well as others throughout Japan.

A founding member of the Takanori Suzuki Trio, Suzuki has released two albums - “Collage” (2015) and “Paracca” (2018) - under the brand’s label. The trio is regarded for its acoustic and noble chamber jazz, which is accomplished through exceedingly complex arrangements. Suzuki, himself, started a multi-year solo clarinet recording project in 2008, which continues to this day.

With his warm jazz sound, provided by a strong foundation of classical training, Suzuki expands the new style of clarinet clarinet music, among other genres. He is a Specially Appointed Associate Professor at Osaka College of Music.

Performs On

Lumière Bb Clarinet

Lumière A Clarinet

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