Nobuaki Motohama

Nobuaki Motohama

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Nobuaki Motohama began playing clarinet when he was 13 years old. He graduated from the Kunitachi College of Music and has studied under Mr. Seiji Yokokawa, Masayoshi Ubukata and Jong-Chul Hyun.

In 2009 and 2011, he participated as an honor student in the Dartington Music Summer School & Festival. He also performed as a member of an ensemble in a concert with David Campbell.

He won first prize in the woodwind category in the 7th Romanian International Competition, first prize in the 10th Hida-Kawai Fresh Artist Audition, and third prize in the ensemble category in the 6th Akiyoshidai Music Competition. He has also participated in the Gala Concert and played Mozart's Clarinet Quintet with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra String Quartet when he won the Hida-Kawai Fresh Artist Audition.

He has performed as a soloist with the Osaka Century Orchestra and Amadeus Chamber Orchestra of Polish Radio. He was selected as a performer in the Nurturing of Budding performers by the Japan Federation of Musicians. He has also participated as a performer in the Okanoya Emotional Information Project (ERATO) and has performed at academic conferences in Daejeon (Korea), Perth (Australia), Leeds (England), Karlsruhe (Germany). He also passed the Freelance Audition for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra in 2019.

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