Lu Yuanwei

Lu Yuanwei

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Lu Yuanwei is a national Class-III Instrumentalist and a doctoral student at the College of Music of Mahidol University. Before pursuing Ph.D. study, Lu finished his undergraduate study at Xi'an Conservatory of Music and obtained a master’s degree and clarinet performance diploma at Longy School of Music of Bard College. Lu has received instructions from famous clarinetists and educators, such as Professor Sangji Dunzhu (associate dean of School of Music, Northwest Minzu University), Professor Chi Zheng, and Professor Jonathan Cohler. Currently, Lu teaches at School of Music of Northwest Minzu University. Lu is also a member of Lanzhou Musicians Association, Gansu Province Musicians Association Wind Music Committee, and Gansu Province Youth Musicians Association.

Performs On

Lumière Bb Clarinet

Lumière A Clarinet

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