Anibal Marcelo Seminario

Anibal Marcelo Seminario

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Why I Chose Backun

"The Backun Lumière clarinet is a fantastic clarinet.

From the moment I played the horn, I immediately felt conformable with all registers throughout the clarinet.

As a jazz and classical artist, pitch is something I pay a lot of attention to, and the pitch was incredibly consistent from the lowest notes to the highest ones.

The response of the clarinet was quick and effortless… it truly allowed me to play any style of music without having to change anything on my personal set up. 

In addition, the wonderful tone of the cocobolo wood is by far one of my favorite things about this amazing clarinet. Having the option of picking Cocobolo wood brings out a sweet, brighter tone which favors my style of playing.

In simpler words: all around and amazing, consistent, and easy to play clarinet that has been built with the most amount of care anyone could have done."


Peruvian native Anibal Marcelo Seminario is a Latin Grammy & Grammy-nominated saxophonist, composer, arranger, and educator.

Studying on a full scholarship, he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Jazz Performance at California State University, Long Beach. Since graduating from CSULB, Anibal works in the greater Los Angeles area as a freelance woodwind player, recording artist, arranger, and producer.

Seminario is the co-founder and director of “The Afro-Peruvian Jazz Orchestra” alongside Peruvian saxophonist Lorenzo Ferrero. The APJO is a 20-piece big band that merges elements of traditional Afro-Peruvian music with Jazz into an exciting new sound. Their debut album, released in 2020, “Tradiciones” has received two Latin Grammy nominations. The group has performed at the Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference in Dallas, Texas and been the headlining group at El Camino College’s 5th Annual Jazz Festival.

As a touring woodwind artist, Anibal has performed with Googoosh, Faramarz Aslani, Eva Ayllón, and Alex Acuña in numerous countries including the United States, Chile, Peru, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Canada, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Cyprus, Kuwait, Germany, Holland, and Mexico.

Anibal has also performed with world-class artists including Nestor Torres, Ramon Stagnaro, Andrea Bocelli, Omid, Streetlight Manifesto, Martik, Jerry Rivera, Gilberto Santa Rosa, James Morrison, and others. As a member of Alex Acuña’s Latin jazz band, 7’ven Bien, Seminario has been heard playing in Los Angeles and at the world- renowned Smithsonian Festival in Washington, DC. In addition, he is a member of Mostly Kosher (clarinet), the first Jewish band to ever perform at a Disneyland theme park.

Seminario is the arranger and music director for the musical “Dances of Peru,” a show that unites elements of Peruvian folklore, dance, acting and live music. He arranges all the music, conducts a 12-piece live band and plays several woodwind instruments. He is also an active arranger for the Peruvian community having written several commissions for high schools in Peru and Cultural Organizations such as Pro Jazz, Colegio Humboldt and others.

Additionally, Anibal remains an active educator in his homeland city of Lima, Peru. He has given master classes, clinics and lectures at several institutions, such as the National Conservatory of Music, the National Air Force Band, Tempo School of Music, Pro Jazz, Colegio Santísimo Nombre De Jesús, and Colegio Alexander von Humboldt.

Anibal Seminario is an endorsed artist with Eastman Winds (saxophone) and Backun Musical Services (clarinet).

Performs On

Lumière Bb Clarinet