Cocobolo vs. Grenadilla

Cocobolo vs. Grenadilla

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Cocobolo vs. Grenadilla

Deciding which is right for you

The first question many players have is how to decide between cocobolo or grenadilla wood. The decision is of course very personal, but here are some general differences between the two woods that most players experience.

    • Dark black or brown coloration
    • Brighter tone with more "ping"
    • More projection and volume
    • Perfect for band or orchestral players 
    • Ruby red coloration
    • Warm, dark tone
    • Blends very easily
    • Perfect for chamber or solo music

    Natural and Beautiful

    All our barrels are unstained to showcase the quality of the wood

    The beautiful appearance of our products is due to the natural appearance of our high quality, exotic hardwoods, which are naturally-aged in a climate-controlled setting our Vancouver, Canada factory. The robust colors and gorgeous grain patterns are not painted, stained, or dyed in any way. We only add a thin layer of varnish to enhance durability and add gloss to the appearance. What's more? All Backun barrel models are made from the same high quality wood.