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Vocalise Clarinet Mouthpieces


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Vocalise Eb Clarinet Mouthpieces

Sale price$159 USD
Facing:G (Medium/Medium)
Behold! An Eb Mouthpiece that provides clarinetists with an ease of playing in the high register without the need for complex alternate fingerings to resolve challenging intonation issues. Vocalise Eb Mouthpieces, designed by Richard Hawkins and crafted by Backun, utilize advanced machining technologies that result in an incredibly consistent clarinet mouthpiece that works equally well with synthetic or cane reeds.

The Vocalise G model produces a clear, focused sound with a tonal quality closely aligned with the soprano clarinet. Ideally suited for solo and chamber music performances, Vocalise G Eb Mouthpieces are best paired with 3.75 strength Legere Synthetic Reeds, or 4.0 strength cane reeds.

The Vocalise H model offers artists an open facing mouthpiece with exceptional power and depth of tone for larger orchestral works and performance settings. Vocalise H Eb Mouthpieces are best paired with 3.5 strength Legere Synthetic Reeds or 4.0 strength cane reeds.

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