MoBa Super Series Set

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Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen. 

Imagine the most exquisite set of clarinets ever built. Aged exotic wood, stunning keywork, unrivalled hand-craftsmanship. Now add a level of exclusivity to the MoBa Super Series.

The world's first and only truly matched set of Bb and A Clarinets made from a single piece of Cocobolo wood, the MoBa Super Series sets the standard for what a set of Bb and A Clarinets should sound and feel like. Perfectly matched in acoustic design and feel, the Super Series is unlike any set of clarinets you will ever play. 

From the MoBa Barrels of the MoBa Bb Clarinet through the top and bottom joint, down to those of the MoBa A Clarinet, each set of Super Series Clarinets has been individually measured, cut, machined and finished by Backun Musical's most experienced craftsmen, resulting in the extraordinary.

A limited edition product developed to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of MoBa, there are only twelve MoBa Super Series sets available - one for each month of the year. With production nearly sold out, only one set remains. The question is: Could that set be yours? 

  • Backun acoustical design with matching mechanisms built an finished by the same master assembly craftsman
  • Automatic Low F Vent activated from register key for unrivalled tuning and voicing throughout the registers. 
  • Precision keywork fit on a unique proprietary posting system manufactured in-house for long-term reliability and true touch sensitivity
  • Backun Modular Posting System designed to make key fitting and refitting precise and effortless
  • Combination carbon fiber and titanium upper and lower joints for uncompromising fit and seal 
  • Sculpted inline trill key design with enlarged finger buttons and an independent guide system to maintain superior alignment
  • Unique thumb rest that is fully adjustable by the player – aiding in correct hand positioning, comfort and stability

Available only in Cocobolo wood, with Gold or Silver plated keywork. The Super Series MoBa Bb Clarinet comes with two (2) MoBa Barrels in 66mm and 65mm lengths and one (1) MoBa Bell. The Super Series MoBa A Clarinet comes with two (2) MoBa Barrels in 65mm and 64mm lengths and one (1) MoBa Bell. The set comes in a Double Clarinet Case.



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Thomas A. Masilla, Jr.
Truly Incredible Set of Clarinets

I have had the privlige of purchasing a MoBA Super Series set of clarinets. This limited edition product has lived up to every aspect of what I want in clarinet performance. They are beautiful instruments to look at from a cosmetic standpoint. But, the real beauty is how they play. Every note is even and in-tune. I already had a grenadilia MoBa set (which is a great set) and now the cocobolo MoBa Super Set is icing-on-the-cake. The sound of the new Super Set is very warm with excellent responsiveness, and it projects extremely well to every corner of a performance hall. The Super Set is not inexpensive, but you truly get what you pay for. The only thing that I can add is "Bravo" to Morrie and his staff for reaching another pinnacle in clarinet design and precision manufacturing.

David B.
A spectacular achievement in the Clarinet Manufacturing World

I received my Super Series Clarinet March 3rd. Cocobolo/Gold Keywork. Absolutely stunning both tonally and visually! Phenomenal scale - dead on. The keywork is very, very comfortable also. Easily the best Clarinet that I have ever tried/played. It projects like nothing I have played on as well. A very centered sound, yet not bright as some centered sounds can be. In a large Clarinet section it would be known as "the core sound". My colleagues are loving it too! David Blumberg

Kathryne P.
The most incredible clarinet ever made

After meeting Morrie Backun last spring and working with him in Chicago, I was convinced that my next set of clarinets would be MoBa's. I received my artist set yesterday and have become the happiest girl in the world. The MoBa's are by far the most incredible clarinets I have ever played. They are opening the door for great clarinetists worldwide to reach new levels of artistry. Thank you Morrie, Joel and entire team of artists and craftsman that have made this development possible.

Steve S.
Truly inspirational .....

What can be said that hasn't been mentioned already regarding the MOBA design and craftsmanship? Evenness of scale?.... Amazing! Tuning?....Amazing! What is more striking, above all else, is showing up to work (or any kind of rehearsal/performance) and working way less. The instruments have a unique vibration for immediate response. Blend with other woodwinds and strings is phenomenal. The possibilities for color, nuance, and balance between these instrument families are endless. This isn't just a review for the clarinets. Morrie, Joel, and the rest of Team Backun provide unsurpassed customer service. If you need anything addressed, they are there to help. Truly inspired is how I began..... If the instrument inspires you, then you will be more inspired to create music. Thank you Morrie, Joel, and everyone at Team Backun!!!

Blake A.
Super Series

March 9, 2015 was the day I picked up my Super Series from Backun. Upon first seeing the instruments, the wood grain and pattern was beautiful. You could easily tell that these instruments were from the same piece of cocobola. In the first few weeks, the horns took a little time to really resonate, but since then they sing and respond immediately. The cocobola is a bit more forgiving than grenadilla and add very smooth edges to the tone. You can add the pointedness if you need, but the smooth, beautiful core is there with no effort. Despite initial thoughts that the instruments might not project...they do. The Super Series first test for me was a solo performance with band. They were easily heard in the back of the hall with no extra effort at all. As for tuning, this is the most even scale I have ever experienced. Just voice EEE and play and you will find yourself dead on pitch. The craftsmanship is truly wonderful. As a skilled repair technician, I was pleased to see the level of craftsmanship I associate with high end flutes in these clarinets. They are very well made. Very well planned. Very beautiful. These clarinets are definitely super!!!!!!!

Jonathan M. Goodin
Truly Super

I acquired my Super Series MoBa clarinets about two months ago, and they have proven themselves every bit as "super" as advertised. When I first took them out of the box and opened the case, it was obvious that they were among the most beautiful objects I have ever seen. As far as their playing qualities are concerned, they have the most even and consistently in-tune scale I have ever experienced in any soprano clarinets I have owned or auditioned. I have also come to appreciate the tonal qualities of cocobolo versus grenadilla--warm sound and quick responsiveness with plenty of projection. The keywork is smooth and well balanced. I would heartily recommend these instruments to anyone.

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Standard Backun, Buffet, Selmer (USA, Centered Tone, 10G, Series 9), Yamaha (including CSG), and most other brands
Selmer Paris Selmer Paris (Not including Selmer USA, 10G, Series 9)

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