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Kooiman Maestro 2 Thumb Rest

Sale price$249 USD
Thumb Rest:Kooiman Maestro 2
Plate:Standard Plates

Play with Exceptional Comfort and Support

The Ton Kooiman Maestro 2 Thumb Rest allows players who desire improved comfort and ergonomics to enjoy their clarinet playing more fully. For those with RSI injury or other concerns, this product can be a game changer in terms of comfort and support.

If you play a Backun Custom Clarinet (including CG Carbon, Lumière and MoBa models), you now have the option of a simple, piece of brass for exceptional strength and durability that installs in minutes with a Philips screwdriver.

For all other clarinets, please choose the Standard Plates option, noting that you'll be required to have the product custom drilled and installed by your local music professional. Please also note that two plates are included, one for Bb clarinet, and one for A clarinet. However, please note that if you have to change quickly between instruments, or are performing in a professional situation, it would be advisable to have two separate thumb rests.

Please note: This product only fits the Ton Kooiman Maestro 2 Thumb Rest and NOT the Etude, or other models! The adapter is solid and unplated brass.

How to Install the Backun Custom Plate

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