Eb Cutback Barrels

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  • The original E♭ cutback

    Backun E♭ Barrels feature a unique cutback design that allows the use of B♭ clarinet reeds on an E♭ mouthpiece, without the need to trim them. Artists love how this barrel improves intonation and flexibility, while stabilizing the tone of the instrument throughout all registers. Paired with the Backun E♭ Bell, this barrel really tames the savage beast.

    Specs: Grenadilla or cocobolo wood. Tulipwood by special order only. Please contact us to order.

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Fred R.
Great Product

Improves sound of my Buffet Prestige Eb clarinet

Kris C.
Worth Every Penny

If you're looking for more control over your Eb clarinet, this is the barrel for you! It has the ability to play either Eb or Bb clarinet reeds with the cutback slit and it has a fatboy taper that rounds out the sound timbre more. I previously played on a Noblet 41 mm, and then switching to 43 mm cutback barrel instantly made all registers lock in with tuning. I now play my Eb Noblet clarinet with this barrel and a Backun Eb bell. Worth every penny, highly recommended!! :)

Uzi K.
Very Good Barrel

A very good barrel, providing a round sound with projection

Henry P.

I am a strong believer of always going for the best. As more often than not, money factor is always something to be consider. I do not play orchestra, nor I make my living of playin the clarinet, however I do love playing it for my self, friends and family. This year, I managed to buy for myself a Bundy Selmer Eb Sopranino Clarinet a $995.00 price tag thru Reverb App. If you play clarinet you know the challenges of such a beautiful instrument. That's when I started searching for ways to better my Eb. I am grateful to Michelle Anderson and Cristopher Graham D.M.A both my teachers for guiding me to Backun Musical. This is a wonderful, professional and so highly thoughtful website dedicated not only to build first class instruments but in making accessories for the clarinetist. The Backun barrel for Eb with the cutback design to fit a Bb reed is awesome, Thank you Jessica Phillips for such a wonderful idea and design work with Backun. This barrel helps my Eb sound incredibly better as I have much more control and response, specially when crossing to the high register and the tone is amazing. I can wait to purchase the Eb Bell from Backun, I have no doubt that my Eb instrument will sound incredibly better, until I can purchase a high end Backun I will surely enjoy my Sopranino. Thank You so much.

Eric S.

This barrel is amazing! I have owned several Backun barrels for my B Flat clarinet, so when I had the opportunity to play E Flat more, I decided to make the investment on the E Flat barrel. The tone quality is warmer but I am able to project with much less effort, and therefore more intonation control. It really makes the horn sound more like a little B Flat clarinet without losing any of the playful, soaring character the instrument is supposed to have. In addition, I didn't expect that being able to use B Flat reeds would matter much, but it is a huge plus. Obviously, there are way more options and it turns out that my favorite B Flat reeds work perfectly; and also contribute to a warmer sound. The E Flat clarinet will forever be a challenging instrument, but the Backun barrel will inspire confidence. Thank you Morrie and Jessica. Saving up for a bell.

Glen K.
Where innovation meets performance

Morrie and Jessica have developed a product that has saved me money (no more e flat reeds) by a third. I own the tulip wood and cocabola barrels and they are both great in different ways. I have played the tulipwood barrel in band and find the sound to big and full without the stereotypical brightness. The cocabola one is perfect for chamber and solo performing, withe a darker, more refined, sound. This barrel has changed my attitude of what e flat cam be like. More importantly it has changed ofrom my friends the former "haters" of the instrument.

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