By Hawkins and Backun

Corrado Signature Series

Corrado Signature Bb Mouthpiece
Corrado Signature Bb Mouthpiece
Corrado Signature Bb Mouthpiece
Corrado Signature Bb Mouthpiece
Corrado Signature Bb Mouthpiece
Corrado Signature Bb Mouthpiece
Corrado Signature Bb Mouthpiece
Corrado Signature Bb Mouthpiece
Corrado Signature Bb Mouthpiece

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Corrado Signature Bb Mouthpiece

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Signature Series Clarinet Mouthpieces

By Hawkins and Backun

“After developing the Vocalise line of clarinet mouthpieces and many years working with individual artists and achieving personalized results, I am so pleased to introduce the Signature Series by Hawkins and Backun. A new venture of bore designs and facings that I have always wanted to create making the clarinet easier and more beautiful for any player.”

- Richard Hawkins

Corrado Signature Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

Maestro Corrado Giuffredi knows no bounds and this mouthpiece proves it. A traditional bore design with a more open/long facing, the Corrado Signature is a gorgeous take on a flexible centred tone and is crafted on marbled green hard rod rubber. With playable ease and smoothness across registers, this model yields an altissimo that produces wonderfully strong overtones and rich character.

Tip Opening: 1.20mm.

“Like great vino or balsamico, it has taken years for this mouthpiece to become what it is. Balanced and vibrant, with comfort throughout the entire range. I hope you love this mouthpiece as much as I do.”


Corrado Signature Series Mouthpiece, three sizes (S/M/L) of self-lubricating O-Rings, one Fix-It Tool and one mouthpiece patch.

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Richard S.
United States United States


I have played off and on for many of my 83 years. My abilities are adequate to play 2nd chair in our community band, I really lack talent but am a pretty good technician. Being a former CPA rhythms are probably my strong suit. This mouthpiece really allows me to developed a full, deep tone with a soft reed which I prefer. I’ve purchased many, this certainly the best mouthpiece I’ve found for my level of abilities.

Glen K.
United States United States

Another epic mouthpiece!

My favorite Backun Musical Services mouthpiece that I have ever played. I have used both synthetic (Silverstein ambipoly) and cane (Ishimori and Vandoren) reeds and response and tone quality reeds. I have owned practically every mouthpiece and this is by far the best one, and that says a lot. Bravo Josh, Morrie, Corrado and Team Backun!

Sylvie T.
Canada Canada

Love the sound and stability

Played with Vandoren Lepic 3.5, tried with V12 Force 3 and Légère 3.25 Euro Cut. The mouthpiece is very stable in all register, works well with any type of reed. Good warm sound

Jim H.
United States United States


This Corrado Signature is free blowing with good intonation and rich tone. It’s instantly my favorite mouthpiece!

Mark G.
United States United States

Corrado Signature Mouthpiece

Excellent mouthpiece!!! Bravo! Very smooth, even sound and legato. Sound holds nicely together in all dynamic ranges. Articulation is clean with a nice “ping” is all registers.

Kirsty B.
Australia Australia

Really cool looks and sound

This may be premature because my new Corrado Signature mouthpiece only just arrived but the green and black hard rubber is very cool and I am loving the combination of tonal nuance, rich spectrum of colour, dynamics and good intonation throughout all registers. I can control the high notes with greater subtlety than on the BD5, even play very high notes softly. I’m using a V12 3.5 reed. I would love to know which ligature Corrado himself uses with this mouthpiece.