Back in Black

Backun Éclipse Edition CG Carbon Clarinet

Éclipse Edition CG Carbon Bb Clarinet
Éclipse Edition CG Carbon Bb Clarinet

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Éclipse Edition CG Carbon Bb Clarinet

Sale price$49,999 USD
Exotic Hardwood:Grenadilla
Key Finish:PūrBlack Posts and Keys

Back In Black

Starting at $49,999 USD

The New Backun CG Carbon Éclipse Edition pairs the world's most technologically advanced clarinet with a brand new key plating innovation that's quite literally out of this world. Backun engineers teamed up with nuclear astrophysicists to push the boundaries of clarinet innovation like never before. Over five years of development, we created a patent pending plating process that utilizes carbon nanotubes fused with metal so black that light literally cannot escape, and no texture can be seen with the naked eye. Since the light cannot escape, it is converted to thermal energy which warms up the keys and leads to a truly unique and luxurious playing feel. Due to the extra heat generated, we include an extra swab to account for any additional moisture that may occur. Of course, the appearance is also breathtakingly exceptional as well, and has to be experienced first hand to be appreciated. We call this innovation PūrBlack, and it's available exclusively on a limited number of CG Carbon clarinets only on April 1, 2024.

Note: This product is not actually for sale, but we hope you had as much fun reading about this incredible new "innovation" as we did imagining it! Happy April Fools' Day 2024, see you next year!

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