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  • The future and beyond

    The world’s most technologically advanced clarinet, the CG Carbon features a body crafted from carbon fibre with an exotic wood core. Using a patented process, carbon fibre is fused to the precision machined core, resulting in a clarinet with the robust projection and unmatched intonation that Backun is known for. Years of material analysis and real-world testing have proven the fusion process can endure wide-ranging temperatures and humidity conditions without expansion or contraction of the clarinet body. Tonally, the playing characteristics stay true to that of a wooden clarinet with the new Backun Scale. This signature model, designed for Maestro Corrado Giuffredi, represents a giant leap into the future… and beyond. US Patent No. 10,636,395. 

  • Specs

    Available in B♭ and A, unstained grenadilla or cocobolo body with gold or silver keywork. Automatic low F vent, removable left-hand A♭/E♭ lever. Lumière complex taper and tone holes. Approx. 830 g.


    We stock a limited number of custom instruments and most are built to order. Please contact us for availability. Once your order is confirmed you will receive updates from our sales team.

  • What's included?

    Two Lumière Barrels, One Lumière Bell, BAM Custom Case, Polishing Cloth, Swab and Cork Grease. (Mouthpiece not included.)

    How can I purchase locally?

    Please use our Dealer Locator to find a Backun dealer in your area.

    Do you offer trials?

    All online orders come with a 14 day trial starting from the day of delivery. All orders must be paid in full before shipment.

    How much is shipping?

    Shipping is free to Canada and the USA. International orders under $500 cost $49 to ship, but orders over $500 ship free.

    See our complete Store Policies.

    What is the warranty?

    Backun Custom Clarinets come with a two year warranty from the date of purchase.

    See complete warranty information.



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Chan C.
United States United States

How wonderful!!

Backun Musical Services CG Carbon Bb Clarinet Review
Thomas J.
great playing

thx so much for the preview. the instrument looks and sounds amazing. beautiful rich tone. i wonder what type reeds were used. Bakum is one of my favorite companies. Always looking forward and reinventing a better playing instrument. Bravo e Molto Grazie from Manhattan NYC

Jose F.
The Clarinet of my Dreams

Finesse, class, power, elegance, exquisite resonance, impeccable intonation and the gorgeous looks, without a doubt these are the clarinets of my dreams!

Kathryne P.
Love From the First Note

I just purchased a B-Flat Carbon Fiber clarinet in mid-November. After playing a set of the MoBa Super Series instruments for 4 years, I couldn't imagine another clarinet playing any more beautifully. However, from the first time I tried the Carbon Fiber clarinet, it was love from the first note!! The tone is gorgeous--extremely rich, resonant and responsive. Dynamic contrasts and control are supremely easy to achieve. After playing this incredible instrument for two months, I can say it is the most exquisite clarinet I have ever experienced. I am delighted that it is completely protected from cracking and yet is made of a solid cocobolo core. The new key work is of superior quality like no other clarinet. I am looking forward to adding the A clarinet to my collection.

Corrado G.
Does Wood Need Carbon Fibre?!

I was playing a concert in the amazing theatre “La Fenice” in Venice, Italy. The famous piano maker and engineer Paolo Fazioli was in the audience and he asked me at the end of the concert, “I’ve noticed your clarinet, wow Corrado your clarinet sounds amazing, is it carbon fibre?” I answered with the process of how it is made at the Backun factory and according to him the carbon fibre is a material where the wood doesn’t have any changes plus the the harmonics spectrum of the clarinet is wider. As soon as you get to play this clarinet you will immediately understand that this is the future of the clarinet and I’m very proud that it brings my name on it, thank you Backun Musical Services family.

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