Alpha Bb Clarinet
Alpha Bb Clarinet
Alpha Bb Clarinet
Alpha Bb Clarinet
Alpha Bb Clarinet
Alpha Bb Clarinet

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Alpha Bb Clarinet

Sale price$1,199 USD
Body:Premium Synthetic
Key Finish:Nickel

Advance Your Passion

The Alpha Bb Clarinet is crafted from an ideal blend of synthetic materials for maximum resonance and lightweight durability. Designed to be the optimal indoor and outdoor student clarinet, the Alpha by Backun is at home in the classroom, on the concert stage, and on the marching field.

Please Note: The upper joint tenon that fits into the barrel and the lower joint tenon that fits into the bell are slightly enlarged and do not fit Backun Standard Fit Barrels and Bells. We would be happy to adjust the accessory barrel and bell tenons for you, after purchase through any Backun Dealer or on the Backun website. Please email or notate this in the comments section of your cart checkout. 


    • Available in Bb

    Approx. Weight

    • 656g


    • Proprietary synthetic body
    • Drop-forged and hardened key work with triple-strike plating in nickel or silver
    • Poly-cylindrical bore


    • Adjustable thumb rest with neck strap ring
    • Traditional flat springs
    • Removable left-hand Eb key (optional, only available in silver)


    • Black Valentino synthetic pads
    • Cork register pad


    • Alpha 65mm Barrel
    • Alpha Bell
    • Backun Hardshell or Backpack Case (United States only)
    • Backun Backpack Case (outside of the United States)
    • Protégé Mouthpiece Kit
    • Cleaning swab
    • Cork grease
    • Backun Warranty

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