1. Prepare your Product(s)

Before returning your products, please:

  • Remove all excess cork grease from the barrel, bell and clarinet tenons
  • Remove all tape or mouthpiece patches and clean mouthpieces with a swab
  • Individually wrap barrels and bells in original packaging, or bubble wrap

2. Pack and Ship

Carefully pack your items and return using the original shipping box.

  • Use only FedEx Air or your local International Priority Mail Service. Canadian Customers may use Canada Post.
  • Mark the package: “Musical Instrument Parts Being Returned To Original Manufacturer. No Commercial Value."
  • Declare customs at minimum value ($5 for barrels, ligatures, and mouthpieces, $10 for bells, $45 for clarinets)
  • Mail directly to the following address:

Backun Musical Services
ATTN: Warranty Returns
6750 Cariboo Road, Suite 1
Burnaby, BC, Canada V3N 4A4
+1 604-205-5770

3. Complete Return Form

Click Here to Complete the Return Form (Opens in a new window)

    That's it!

    You will receive a refund notification when your return has been processed, and your bank will process your refund within 10 days of receiving this message.

    Important Notes

    Failure to follow these directions carefully could result in extra fees being billed to you (customs, brokerage, handling etc.) and/or your refund being delayed. By returning items, you are confirming that you understand our Return Policies, and agree to pay any applicable restocking fees.