Thank you for your interest in the Backun Musical Services Studio Sampler Program! We are excited to offer you this opportunity to experience our instruments and accessories in your studio. 

  • The Studio Sampler Program allows for a three-week trial of our instruments (unless otherwise authorized). At the conclusion of the trial, a pre-paid shipping label will be emailed to you and you will be responsible for packaging the instruments and bringing them to your nearest shipping center. 
  • The Studio Sampler Program allows you and your students the opportunity to purchase the instruments and accessories included in your program. Please contact for more details. 
  • Due to Covid-19 complications, it is suggested that you allow the instrument(s) and accessories to sit for a period of 7 days between sharing with a student or colleague. Mouthpiece Washing Instructions: We recommend you wash your mouthpieces with warm water and mild dishwashing soap and then air dry it on a clean cloth. In classroom and group situations, we recommend the use of the Red Sterisol cleaner for its proven capability to clean, deodorize and sanitize mouthpieces. Please do not immerse your mouthpieces in, or clean your mouthpieces with, isopropyl, or other members of the hydroxyl group of products. We strongly suggest you follow the CDC's cleanliness and disinfection guidelines. Eastman Music Company and Backun Musical Services are not responsible for any viral spread caused by the sharing of sampler instruments. 
  • Please keep the instruments in your studio and the instruments in the cases when not being played. 
  • Always remember to swab the inside and the joints of the clarinet after each session. Please remember to dry the tenon sockets. Avoid playing the instrument until it has warmed to room temperature. 
  • Rings and jewelry can easily damage an instrument. To avoid extra charges, please remove all jewelry before playing. 
  • To avoid repair fees, please be sure to return the trial instrument in the condition in which you received it. 

Please fill out the contact form below with all required information and we will be in touch with you! For further questions, please contact