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Fatboy Barrels

$189 USD

Fatboy Barrels
Fatboy Barrels Fatboy Barrels

$189 USD

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Unbelievably Versatile

The Fatboy is at home in the world's most prestigious concert halls, the most notorious jazz clubs, and everything in between. It's our best-selling barrel, and for good reason.

Playing Experience

  • Produce a dark, rich tone with ease
  • Even resistance throughout all registers
  • Stunning ease of articulation
  • Incredibly consistent response
  • Adaptable to both Bb and A Clarinets

Video: Fatboy and MoBa Comparison

    Product Specs

    • Standard, Standard + (large bore), and Selmer Paris fit
    • Beautiful, unstained grenadilla or cocobolo wood
    • 64mm to 68mm length
    • Made in Vancouver, Canada


    Q: Grenadilla or Cocobolo?

    A: The choice is yours! Grenadilla has a black appearance and a bright sound with ease of projection. Cocobolo has a reddish appearance with a dark sound that blends with ease.

    Q: Which length should I order?

    A: If you're happy with the length of your current barrel, order the same length. If your tuning is a bit too high or low, you'll want to order a longer or shorter barrel respectively.

    Q: Which fit?

    A: Backun barrels are available in two fits, with some exceptions:

    • Standard: Backun, Buffet, Leblanc, Selmer USA, Yamaha.
    • Selmer Paris: Selmer Paris instruments (Excluding 10G, Series 9, Centered Tone, and Selmer USA.)
    • Exceptions: Yamaha CSG please order Custom Barrel. Selmer 10G, Series 9, Centered tone and USA please order Standard fit.

    Q: What does "+" Mean?

    A: The + model is a standard fit barrel with a larger bore for an even more free-blowing feel.


    • Please make sure to select the right fit for your instrument model. If you're not sure please contact us for assistance.
    • In Japan, the Fatboy Barrel is also known as the Backun Barrel.

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