Yang Jichao

Yang Jichao

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Yang Jichao is a clarinetist at the Jilin Province Symphony Orchestra. Yang has studied with Jin Shushan, Principal Clarinetist of the Heilongjiang Provincial Opera & Dance Drama Theater. After being admitted to the College of Music at Changchun University, Yang received instruction from Professor Jin Xiuji, the famous clarinetist and educator. In 2009, Yang Jichao successfully held a graduation concert and was enrolled into the Jilin Symphony Orchestra as a clarinetist and bass clarinetist. Yang has performed over 100 shows in different events, including those held at the National Centre for the Performing Arts, the Great Hall of the People, as well as in North Korea, Nanjing, and other countries and cities. In 2013, Yang began his graduate studies at Jilin University of the Arts and studied with Associate Professor Zheng Hong. During that time, Yang was the Principal Clarinetist of the youth symphony orchestra and held the graduation concert in 2016.

Yang has won numerous prizes, including the gold prize (Clarinet Solo) of the Korea-China Teenager International Music Competition (2015), first prize of the Brandenburg International Music Competition (2016), first prize (woodwind Instrument Division) of the Hongkong International Music Festival (2016), and first prize (Professional Quartet division) of the Jilin Wind Instrument Arts Festival (2018). Yang was invited to act as a committee member or panel member for various clarinet art events, such as the China Chongqing International Clarinet Arts Festival (2015), International Clarinet Arts Festival (July 2018) held by Central Conservatory of Music, China Yanji International Clarinet Arts Festival (August 2018), and China Lanzhou International Clarinet Arts Festival (2019).

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