Qi Ke

Qi Ke

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Qi Ke is a lecturer at Wenzhou University School of Music. After graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Qi was admitted into Temple University Boyer College of Music and Dance in 2016 and obtained master’s degree under the instruction of Professor Ricardo Morales, the Principal Clarinetist of Philadelphia Orchestra and one of the most popular performers. In 2018. Qi made it into Indiana University Jacobs School of Music with full scholarship and studied for performer diploma with Professor James Campell. Moreover, Qi continued to pursuit the study for artist diploma in 2019, taught by Professor Luis Rossi, and became the first Chinese student who ever received this diploma.

Qi has won a number of awards, including 2018 Temple University Concerto Competition and the First prize in Indiana University Concerto Competition two years in a row (2019 and 2020).

Qi Ke used to be the Principal Clarinetist of symphony orchestras at Temple University and Indiana University and performed at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and Philadelphia Kimmel Center. In 2018, Qi passed the test of Philadelphia Orchestra and got on the shortlist of clarinetists. Also, Qi was qualified for multiple top music festivals such as USA National Institute of Music (2018).

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