An Introduction to Clarinet Repair

‘Advancing the Art of Woodwinds’ is more than a phrase – it is the foundation of our company. While we are renowned for our clarinets and accessories, our company began as a high caliber woodwind repair shop. More than a decade later, we maintain our status as purveyors of exceptional woodwind and brass repair.

The essence of great clarinet repair lies in the marriage between woodworking, metalworking, sensitive setup work and acoustics. When a piece of the puzzle is missing, your instrument doesn’t respond as it should. Over the years, artists around the world have relied on us to maintain their instruments and, thus, their livelihoods.

We build more than clarinets – we build relationships and maintain them for a lifetime. Count on us as a member of your ensemble. Together we’ll make great music.

For inquiries regarding clarinet repair please contact: or +1 604 205-5770 ext. 100


Maintenance and Repair

To keep your instrument playing at the highest level possible, we recommend yearly maintenance of your clarinets. Beginning with an in-depth inspection, your instrument is reviewed under digital microscopes, while the body is tested for leaks, cracks and changes in dimensions. Sometimes, the work needed can be as minor as re-seating a single pad. Other times, changes in your clarinet require much more in-depth work to bring it back to life.


Customization, Overhaul and Restoration

For clarinets needing what Ricardo Morales calls “a little more love,” Backun Musical Services has become the go-to shop for clarinet customizations, overhauls and restorations. Whether the clarinet in question is your principal performing instrument, or a rare antique, our global reputation for clarinet repair and modification is hard earned.

From tuning and voicing to bore reaming and sleeve design, tonehole and tenon replacement, to key fabrication and modification, our extensive repertoire of custom tooling and fixtures allow for the most precise and detailed repairs.

In many cases, our clients are looking for something out of the ordinary; this could be custom plating in gold. Perhaps custom register tubes and tuning or venting mechanisms are in order. Regardless, we’ve probably done it before. This includes delicate museum quality restoration of vintage instruments and insurance appraisals for your valuable collection.

Aside from traditional custom work, our shop is equipped with rapid 3D prototyping machines to aid in the design and creation of custom vents, mechanisms and extensions. Low F vents, Bb voicing mechanisms and plateau conversions are all in a day’s work. We are also able to custom design and craft Basset and Bass Clarinet extensions for a variety of instruments.

Dedicated to supporting musicians of all backgrounds and skill levels, one specific project that we are humbled to develop is the fabrication of custom prostheses to support medical conditions and ailing postures. In cases where musicians cannot play the clarinet as originally designed, we are just what the doctor ordered. With in-house rapid 3D prototyping machines, we have successfully created custom keywork and supports that help players get back on stage. When your clients and the music they play always come first, perfection is not a goal – it’s a requirement.

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