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MoBa Eb Mouthpieces

$319 USD

MoBa Eb Mouthpieces
MoBa Eb Mouthpieces MoBa Eb Mouthpieces

$319 USD

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Pint Sized Perfection

Delicate when needed - powerful on command, MoBa Eb Mouthpieces are yet another tool in your performing arsenal. The two models represent a wide range of playing styles from chamber and solo to wind ensemble and orchestral work. 

MoBa Eb Mouthpiece: For chamber music and solo performances, a mouthpiece with exceptional control and versatility. The Eb provides stable pitch and even tone. Tip opening of 1.03mm.

MoBa Eb+ Mouthpiece: For the Eb clarinetist who wants tonal depth and volume, the Eb+ projects easily over the largest ensemble, distinguishing itself in renowned orchestras and ensembles around the world. Tip opening of 1.09mm.

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