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MoBa Bass Mouthpieces

$399 USD

MoBa Bass Mouthpieces
MoBa Bass Mouthpieces MoBa Bass Mouthpieces

$399 USD

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A New Low, Even For Us

MoBa Bass Mouthpieces are the first, and last, word in bass playing. Your closest ally on stage, or in the pit, these mouthpieces offer immediate response and true warmth of sound. With two models to choose from, no repertoire is out of reach.

The MoBa Bass Mouthpiece is a revelation to sophisticated players. You have to play them to believe them! This facing is for a controlled and nuanced sound. Tip opening of 1.75mm.

Artists consider the MoBa Bass+ Mouthpiece to be a different take on a tonal phenomenon. The plus model will take out the entire brass section. Tip opening of 1.85mm.

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