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Demo Bb Clarinet

$1,000 USD

Demo Bb Clarinet
Demo Bb Clarinet Demo Bb Clarinet Demo Bb Clarinet Demo Bb Clarinet

$1,000 USD

Reliable and Economical

Closely related to the Protege family of instruments, Demo Bb Clarinets are prototypes that cannot be sold as a part of our regular stock. While these instruments have been play tested and approved by our team, they are not sold with the standard Backun Warranty.

Demo Bb Clarinets are available in extremely limited quantities. Inventory will not (and cannot) be Demo/Studireplenished with this item.

Note: Demo Bb Clarinets do not include an engraved wooden logo and may not look exactly as pictured. 

Available in Cocobolo or Grenadilla woods, with Nickel, Silver, or Gold plated keywork.


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