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Demo Backun Bb Clarinet

$4,781 USD

Demo Backun Bb Clarinet
Demo Backun Bb Clarinet Demo Backun Bb Clarinet

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$4,781 USD

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Our Second Best is Better Than the Rest!

For a clarinet to play as an extension of your soul, each piece of wood must be painstakingly selected, each tonehole masterfully crafted, each key evenly balanced and each pad perfectly sealed, all in pursuit of this: The Backun Bb Clarinet. 

  • Backun acoustical design with selected matching upper and lower joints made from highly figured, aged and exotic woods
  • Precision keywork fit on a unique proprietary posting system manufactured in-house for long-term reliability and true touch sensitivity
  • Backun Modular Posting System designed to make key fitting and refitting precise and effortless
  • Combination carbon fiber and titanium upper and lower joints for uncompromising fit and seal 
  • Sculpted inline trill key design with enlarged finger buttons and an independent guide system to maintain superior alignment
  • Unique thumb rest that is fully adjustable by the player – aiding in correct hand positioning, comfort and stability

Note: The Demo Backun Bb Clarinet listed here is a prototype model and may not look exactly as pictured. The clarinet is made with Grenadilla wood, is Silver plated, but is fitted with Gold posts. The clarinet comes with (2) Ringless Barrels in 65+mm and 66+mm lengths and one (1) Traditional Bell.

This Demo Backun Bb Clarinet was previously owned by a Backun artist. It has been approved by our quality control team, though the clarinet does have cosmetic scratches, nicks and minor visual flaws, as well as plating wear. The clarinet deso, however, play exceptionally well. This clarinets do not come with our standard Backun Warranty but ships with a 5 day trial period--after which the sale becomes final.



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