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Trial Policy

Product Trial Policy:

Evaluating and purchasing Backun products should be simple. While we don't offer "free" trials of our products, we are happy to ship products to you after prepayment and accept returns within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt. This means we expect the return package to be in the mail within fifteen (15) days of receipt. Should you decide to return products, you will receive a credit for the products returned through the same payment method made. You will then be responsible for the cost of return shipping, with package tracking. 

Want to try five barrels and only purchase one? No worries. Purchase all five items online and return four for a refund. 

An Important Reminder: Backun Clarinets and Accessories purchased directly from Backun Musical, whether for intended trial, or not, are subject to inspection upon return. Products damaged on trial will not be refunded and will be returned to the purchaser. This includes bite and ligature marks on mouthpieces, scratches, dents and nicks in products. and any modification or customization of products during the trial period. Should you have any questions about this policy, please contact Backun Musical during your trial. 

Please note that this policy is only in effect when purchasing Backun Clarinets and Accessories directly form Backun Musical. Our Authorized Backun Dealer network may choose to have a different purchase and trial policy. For this reason, we always encourage you to work through your local Authorized Backun Dealer, if one is in your area. 

Educator Trial Packs:

For Music Educators interested in experiencing Backun products for their entire studio, Backun Musical offers trial packages of Backun Clarinet Accessories for large groups. 

Following the same terms above, Backun Musical will ship a package of products to the educator directly, working in cooperation with their local Authorized Backun Dealer, if one is present. If an Authorized Backun Dealer is not in the local area, Backun Musical will either work directly with the educator, their colleagues and students, or through their preferred local dealer.

For the trial, Backun Musical will need the makes and models of the clarinets for which the trial will occur, as well as the preferred barrel lengths required. Please also send any specific Backun model preferences, such as MoBa Barrels, Traditional Bells, etc. Please also include the school mailing address and contact information, as well as the number of students in the studio and the proposed dates of any future Clarinet Days. 

Educator trial packs are subject to a fifteen (15) day term from the date the package is received at the school. Following the trial, all products not purchased must be returned to Backun Musical using the specific return shipping information below. Please note that the educator requesting the package is responsible for the return of the productions in the condition they were received in. This includes bite and ligature marks on mouthpieces and any abuse of the products while on trial. 

To request an Educator Trial Pack, please contact the Sales Team at Backun Musical at: +1 (604) 205 5770 Ext. 100, or complete the inquiry for using the link below:




For return shipping instructions, please refer to our Returns page.

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