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Shipping Products FROM Backun Musical Services

Backun Musical Services uses two main methods of shipping instruments and accessories, whether purchased, for warranty return or repair. These methods are FedEx and Canada Post. Both carriers have proven to be very reliable and offer shipment tracking and online resources for delivery confirmation. 


The contact information and email address from the purchase of your Backun Order will be used for completing the necessary shipping information. Please be sure to differentiate between the "Billing Address" and "Shipping Address" when checking out and completing your purchase. 


Shipping to the USA: For purchases in excess of $2000, US Customs may require you to provide additional supporting documentation when importing valuable products, such as our clarinets and accessories. As such, you may choose to provide your SIN for the shipping documentation. Providing this information to Backun Musical Services is of your choosing. Should you decide not to provide this information, you will be contacted by the carrier (FedEx of USPS) prior to attempting delivery of the package, so that duties and taxes can be claimed. 


Shipping Products TO Backun Musical Services

When shipping products to Backun Musical Services, it is very important to follow the steps below to ensure timely delivery, while preventing unforeseen customs and duties charges.

1. Please return products to Backun Musical Services via FedEx, USPS (United Sates Postal Service), Canada Post or your local postal service. DO NOT, under any circumstances, return products via FedEx Ground, UPS, Purolator or DHL. The return shipping address is:


Backun Musical Services Attn: (ENTER STAFF NAME OR WARRANTY HERE)
6750 Cariboo Road, Suite 1
Burnaby, BC, Canada
V3N 4A4


For those using Express or Courier services:


Phone: +1 604 205 5770


Note: If you are shipping an instrument for repair or warranty, please list the name of the person responsible for the repair (for example, Morrie Backun or Diane Burke), or "Warranty Repair" in the Attn: section of the shipping address. 


2. Please be sure to label the package and customs forms: "Musical Instrument Parts Being Returned to Manufacturer. No Commercial Value." 

Failure to follow the above steps could lead to significant customs and duties charges by third party brokerage firms. Again, please use only the recommended shipping carriers and methods above. Should Backun Musical incur any expenses in receiving your shipment, the full amount of these expenses will be passed on to you and your instrument will not be returned until these are paid in full. 


3. Please be sure to label the outside of the box with your name and return mailing address. For example:


Gustav Mahler

1234 Das Lied von der Erde Dr.

New York, NY, USA



4. Please make sure that a copy of documents showing you as the owner are included in the shipment. This is for proof of ownership required by Canada Customs when importing instruments, as well as by your customs regulators when receiving the return back into your country. Please also be sure to include a note about the repair and what issues need to be address, as a reminder to our team. 


5. The products being shipped to Backun Musical Services are the responsibility of the owner and remain the responsibility of the owner until they are confirmed as received by an Authorized Representative of Backun Musical Services. As such, it is recommended that you ship the return package via a method that offers package tracking and delivery confirmation. 


Once the package has been shipped, please email the tracking number and ship date to either your repair contact at Backun Musical Services or, in the case of warranty returns, to 


Following receipt of the package, Backun Musical Services will follow-up with you within 24-48 hours of receipt (during normal business hours, Monday to Friday). 

Should you have any questions about our return shipping policies, please contact us before returning your product.


Thank you, 

Team Backun


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