Backun Selfie September

 Want to win up to $500 USD in FREE Backun Products?!

It's the month of September and there's no better way to celebrate than with some creative selfies featuring you and your favourite Backun product! This is open to (*almost) anyone and everyone, as long as you abide by the rules, terms and conditions below.


  • FIRST PRIZE: $500 USD Backun Gift Card
  • SECOND PRIZE: $250 USD Backun Gift Card
  • THIRD PRIZE: $100 USD Backun Gift Card
  • FOURTH PRIZE: A signed picture of Morrie Backun

How to Enter

From September 12-30, 2019, take a selfie of you with your Backun product and post it to your Instagram and/or Facebook account with the tags #backunselfie and #teambackun for a chance to win. Yes, you must use both tags in each post. Yes, it's as simple as that!  

If you don't have an Instagram or Facebook account, you can complete the form below, uploading your selfie picture to the submission form. We'll take it from there. 

You can post as many times as you want... as long as you do not repost the same image(s). The more selfies you post, the more chances you have of winning!

How to Win

To be eligible to win, you must follow us on Instagram, and like our Facebook page.

We want to tell you the most creative selfies have the best chances of winning, but this is completely subjective. So we'll just suggest you do the best you can to take a great selfie with a Backun product and have fun in the process. Don't forget to upload the selfie picture(s) to Instagram and/or Facebook for a chance to win. 

On October 1, 2019, three separate Backun staff members (whom we haven't chosen yet) will be asked to choose one selfie each. We'll find your picture if you're using the #backunselfie and #teambackun hashtags. It really is that easy. 

Don't Own a Backun Product?

While this makes us sad, don't worry if you don't own a Backun product. You can borrow a Backun product from a friend or colleague for the picture (don't forget to try it out while you're at it and don't forget to give it back after... as hard as it may be). 

And if that's not possible, we're even including a #backunselfie download below that you can print off and use in your selfie picture.

We're making it easy for (*almost) everyone to have the opportunity to participate! Just print out this Lumière Clarinet cutout and take a selfie picture "playing" it! Don't forget to upload it to Instagram and/or Facebook with the hashtags #backunselfie and #teambackun.

Terms & Conditions

We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we do take everyone's rights seriously. By participating in this campaign and sharing your images either online, or by submitting them to Backun Musical Services (Backun), you acknowledge that your likeness and image may be used by Backun for promotional purposes, or shared on social media at any time. In short, so long as you're cool being featured as a Backun Rockstar, you're good!

We do respectfully ask that no explicit images, profanity or an other unacceptable images, words or actions be used in the selfie picture, or video. We want everyone to enjoy themselves. After all, it's only a clarinet!

The winners will be selected and announced on October 1, 2019. Prizes must be claimed within 48 hours of announcement on the Backun Instagram and Facebook, as well as being posted on this page, or they will be forfeited and another winner will be selected. 

All prizes are in the form of a digital gift card redeemable only on the Backun Musical Services website. The gift card prize must be used on or before December 30, 2019 (Pacific Standard Time). No exceptional will be made to these stipulations. 

Please also note that submissions online through Instagram and Facebook must also abide by the respective platform's policies, terms, conditions and codes.

*Entries by employees of Backun Musical Services, the Eastman Music Company and any of its subsidiaries, will not be considered for prizes. But we hope you'll all post a few selfies for fun. 


Fit and Sizing


Standard Backun, Buffet, Selmer (USA, Centered Tone, 10G, Series 9), Yamaha, and most other house brands
Standard Plus As above, larger bore for more free blowing feel
Selmer Paris Selmer Paris (Not including Selmer USA, 10G, Series 9)



Standard Backun, Buffet, Selmer (USA, Centered Tone, 10G, Series 9), Yamaha, and most other house brands
Selmer Paris Selmer Paris (Not including Selmer USA, 10G, Series 9)

Vocalise Mouthpieces

R Hard Rod Rubber Close Short
G Hard Rod Rubber Medium Medium
H Hard Rod Rubber Open Long

Bb Mouthpieces

Alpha Plastic 1.0 mm Medium
CG Crystal
Crystal 1.19 mm Medium Long
MoBa Hard Rubber .99 mm to 1.19 mm Medium Long

Bass Mouthpieces

CG Crystal Crystal 1.80 mm 24 mm
MoBa Hard Rubber 1.75 mm Medium long
MoBa Plus Hard Rubber 1.85 mm Medium long

Eb Mouthpieces

CG Crystal Crystal 1.19 mm 16.5 mm
MoBa Hard Rubber 1.03 mm Medium Long
MoBa Plus Hard Rubber 1.19 mm Medium Long