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Right. From the beginning.

Finding the right mouthpiece for beginners is no easy task, which is why we developed the Alpha Mouthpiece. Moulded from a proprietary synthetic and faced with an optimal tip opening designed to support beginning students, the Alpha represents a trifecta of value, affordability, and playability. Alpha Mouthpieces come standard with all Backun Alpha and Beta Clarinets, and are now also available as a standalone product.

Specs: Tip opening of 1.00 mm with a medium facing.

Note: All New Mouthpieces from Backun are cleaned, disinfected and sterilized for your health and safety. 

Washing Instructions: We recommend you wash your mouthpieces with warm water and mild dishwashing soap and then air dry it on a clean cloth. In classroom and group situations, we recommend the use of the Red Sterisol cleaner for its proven capability to clean, deodorize and sanitize mouthpieces. 

Please do not immerse your mouthpieces in, or clean your mouthpieces with, isopropyl, or other members of the hydroxyl group of products.

California Prop 65 Warning

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Amanda D.
United States

Great for a beginner!

I'm just learning how to play the clarinet and this is a great mouthpiece. I use it with Yamaha clarinets and there's not been a problem with compatibility.

Gary D.
United States United States

Great Kaspar Cicero Clarinet Mouthpiece

I was very pleased with this excellent condition Frank Kaspar Cicero 13 clarinet mouthpiece I purchased during the Backun Spring Sale. I already owned an '11' refaced by Guy Hawkins. I wasn't expecting the '13' to top it, but was pleasantly surprised. The '13' has great well-rounded tone with great projection and ease of sound production and evenness across all registers. This was a very good purchase, and Backun has been great and super-professional, as always, in quality, price, and service. Kudos to Backun!

lisa m.
United States United States

A free blowing mouthpiece

I have been playing clarinet for a long time..I don't change mouthpieces probably as much as I should. I keep using what works and do not change things very often. A couple years ago, I bought the Vandoren B40 mouthpiece and really like it. I like the warm sound.the upper register plays well and not as bright. Lately, I have been interested and researching Backun products and kept seeing this ad. When I went to the website though, the price was more. I messaged them and after a couple messages back and forth, they decided they would give it to me at this price and after careful thought, I bought it. I had to wait a month to get it as it did come from Canada, I have been playing with it for about a month now and I like it. Positives: 1. I feel that it is very free blowing. Not as restrictive as my Vandoren B40. 2. It does work well with my Legere plastic reeds as it claims. 3. more notes are in tune compared to the other mouthpiece. Negatives: 1. I don't like is the mouthpiece protector feels weird. Like I am biting a piece of squishy plastic. 2. I don't like that it is being labeled as a beginner mouthpiece. 3. I have to tighten my ligature a little tighter to get the reed to stay on. 4. I feel the upper register is a little brassy and hard to get out and be in tune. Luckily, I play second parts for the most part even though I am being asked more and more to play first and solo... Eek I am hoping to be able to try the Vocalise mouthpiece soon which is supposed to be a more professional mouthpiece to see what the difference is. I like the Alpha mouthpiece and support #TeamBackun


Backun Musical Services

Thank you for your feedback! Please note that while we ask for you to use the mouthpiece patch during the trial period to protect the product from scratches, you're welcome to take it off if you are keeping the product and you prefer this. The Alpha product is intended for newer players, so if you're feeling it doesn't offer an advanced playing feel please do consider trying our Vocalise line instead! Thank you and have a good day!

David E.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Backun Alpha Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece came with a Backun Alpha clarinet that I purchased. I use a professional level clarinet and mouthpiece for most of my playing, but I found the Alpha mouthpiece to be eminently playable right from the start, without needing any time to get used to it. With a Legere Signature #3 reed it has a stable sound and intonation, though a beginner would usually have to start with a softer reed and work his or her way up over some time. Articulation is also relatively easy. I could easily see myself using this as a backup mouthpiece if I had to, though of course would still prefer a professional model for that ideally. I wish I had started on this mouthpiece.