Sun Yuebo

Sun Yuebo

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Sun Yuebo is currently a council member of Suzhou Musician Association and its affiliated Association of Wind Musician. Previously Sun has acted as a clarinet teacher at Jiangsu High School of Arts and administrative assistant of Suzhou Chinese Orchestra. His clarinet learning journey started at an early age and was influenced by Professor Xie Jingquan (Nanjing University of the Arts), Professor Jin Guangri (Minzu University of China), Professor Wu Shuang (Guangxi Arts University), late Professor Zhao Zengmao (Shanghai Conservatory of Music), and Professor Ma Xiaoting (Suzhou University School of Music).

Sun proactively participated in master classes hosted by Professor Bai Tie, Massimo Mazzone, Professor Genisson Pierre, Professor Marco Thomas, Professor Spencer Prewitt, Professor Walter Seyfarth, Professor Andrew Simon, Professor Chad Burrow, Professor Michel Lethiec, Professor Wang Mingzhe, Professor He Yi, and Professor Corrado Giuffredi. Moreover, Sun has been invited several times to join the Weekly Concert held by Shanghai Tongji University, mentoring program for orchestras of Peking University New Century Shiheng School and Jiangsu High School of Arts.

Sun established personal music studio in 2014, since when Sun has won numerous awards including Outstanding Instructor at Asia Youth Music Competition, Excellent Dissertation (National, Graduate student division), Outstanding Graduate Exhibition, and Zhou’s Scholarship. At the meantime, Sun provides lectures and guidance for clarinetists and music theory students at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Harbin Conservatory of music, Nanjing University of the Arts, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Guangxi Arts University, and other music institutions.

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