Sun Chao

Sun Chao

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Sun Chao started the clarinet learning journey from an early age and followed instruction from Backun artist Professor Han Shu. Sun attended Xiamen University and completed the undergraduate study with Professor Xun Haibo; in 2016, Sun was enrolled into Conservatorio Giovanni Paisiello di Taranto and obtained a performance master’s degree under Professor Rocco Brandonisio, the former principal clarinetist of Roma Santa Cecilia Symphony Orchestra; Sun is also the first Chinese student who even got this degree from Professor Brandonisio. 

Sun Chao has won numerous prizes. At the age of 14, Sun got the gold prize of clarinet division in the final round of the Beijing-Olympic-themed international arts competition. During the study at Italy, Sun held several concerts, participated in international academic events, and received guidance from masters including Corrado Giuffredi (Principal Clarinetist of Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana), Valereia Serangeli (Principal Clarinetist of Carlo Felice Opera House Orchestra in Genoa), Professor Antonio Tinelli (Conservatorio NiccoIú Piccinni di BARI) and Italian clarinetist Vincenzo Mariozzi.

In September 2018, Sun Chao jointly hosted master class and concerts with Italian Trio Prata Chamber Orchestra in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo. 

As a professional clarinet performer, Sun has gained extensive experience in orchestras. For example, Sun was the deputy clarinetist of Orchestra Giovanni Paisiello di Taranto from 2018 to 2019 and performed at events like Taranto Music Festival. 

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