Liu Xiaolei

Liu Xiaolei

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Liu Xiaolei is a clarinet player at Jilin Province Symphony Orchestra and a Director of Jilin Province Musicians Association.

Liu has been playing clarinets at a very young age. He was admitted at the first place to the affiliated middle school of Jilin Academy of Art in 2008 and studied with Associate Professor Wu Jianan. Graduated from Jilin College of Art College of Music in 2015, he started pursuing a Masters’ degree at the same college with Professor Jin Xiuji. During his study, he has competed in many provincial woodwind music competitions and achieved great results. He also participated in exchange programs with other famous schools and Master Classes with such as Reiner Wehle, Pierre Woudenber, Bai Tie, and Karl Schlechta, the Director of the German Southwestern Radio Symphony.

Liu has been performing with Jilin Province Symphony Orchestra since 2017. He was invited to become an expert member of the International Conservatory of the Central Conservatory of Music.

Performs On

Lumière Bb Clarinet

Lumière A Clarinet